Warehouse Closing FAQ


Q: WHAT???

A: After a little over 8 years at our current location, we have now closed it down, moving forward we are online (mail order) only.

Q: WHY??

A: Markets and industries change. Simple supply and demand. Supply of quality craft brews, microbrews and brewing ingredients has steadily increased over the last few years as interest in homebrewing has declined. Fewer new brewers getting into the hobby, occasional brewers brewing less or stopping altogether, serious homebrewers going pro etc.. All of this has made Rebel unsustainable as a brick and mortar store (for the time being).


A: Just happened.

Q: Are you going out of business?

A: Nope, just shutting down our shipping warehouse and retail location, RebelBrewer.com will remain open for sales of all larger equipment (Blichmann, Grainfather, Still Spirits, Grainmills and more will be added) We will stay on the job finding and testing the latest and greatest equipment and the best deals we can get for you. We will also be adding added focus to our T-shirt printing and Embroidery business bringing quality affordable garment decoration to our brewing brothers and sisters (CLICK HERE for more on that)


A Visit from Brewing Network’s Justin Crossley

Justin Crossley from Brewing Network visits Rebel Brewer

Justin Crossley from Brewing Network visits Rebel Brewer


We got a surprise visit today from Brewing Network founder and radio personality extraordinaire, Justin Crossly (the guy in the middle).  He got a tour of the facility, some good pale ale and we all discussed the bright future of the brewing industry and how far it’s come. It was great getting to chat with him. If you didn’t know, we are now proudly one of the sponsors of the Brewing Network’s newest show, Dr. Homebrew.

Thirsty Thursday 8/1/13

Thirsty Thursday 8-1-13

Thirsty Thursday 8-1-13


In honor of National IPA day we set forth to taste a few hard to find offerings

1. Evil Twin – Falco IPA  –  Good Solid IPA, Fruity and Bitter (in a good way). Easy drinking and set a good stage for a good session.

2.  Dogfish Head – Hellhound (Ale Brewed with Lemons)  –  to set the mood we played “Hellhound on my Trail” by Robert Johnson while sampling. Although it is labeled as an ale brewed with lemons, it was more of a substantial monster pale ale (clocking in at 10%abv) with medium body, good balance of malt sweetness to hops, and only the faintest hint of lemon. A formidable sipper from DFH for sure.

3. Uinta Brewing (UTAH) – Cahoots Double Rye IPA  –  The spicy rye and hop aroma leaps out of the glass and smacks ones face in a way that makes you want to dive right in. But it’s only a prelude to the joyous flavors that follow. Heavy on caramel, but balanced with rye spice and the perfect blend of hop fortitude, and at 9.4%abv, certainly a face numbing experience.

4. Founder’s – All Day IPA  –  and for some reason we finished with a session IPA. But after the lupulin ass-whoopin’ our pallets took from the previous offerings, I tell you what, we were able to taste every ingredient in this wonderful refresher. What is normally a wonderful low (-er) alcohol hop lover’s dream, turns out to have a wonderful grainy malty backbone, every sip a pleasure, and it would certainly be a welcomed ice chest full pool-side on a hot summer day.

Thirsty Thursday 6/27/13

Thirsty 6/27/13



Thirsty 6/27/13

1. Sly Fox Helles – Cool Can, the whole top pops out for drinking like a glass. Pils malt sweetness, really clean finish. Good summer-y poolside quaff.

2. Karen’s Milk Stout (homebrew) – Karen is one of our pro brewer buddies who still takes the time to brew at home. None of her beers ever fail to deliver. This one is the perfect balance of sweet and roast. Very clean finish.

3. Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break – Even the foam was dark brown!! This coffee (and almond) Imperial Stout is everything you would hope it would be. A true thick chewy sipper. The booze is well hidden and only evident on your numb face after a few sips. As it warms, the nutty-ness starts to come through. This outstanding effort from Evil Twin can best be described as “what should be in the barrel around a St. Bernard’s neck as he saves a stranded snow boarder”

4. Oskar Blues G’knight Imperial Red Ale – Big hop and caramel aroma. Huge hop flavor dominates the taste profile. Very light body with a smooth bitterness that lingers into the dry refreshing finish.

5. Jack Porter (homebrew) – One of our customers brought this in for analysis. It’s a porter with oak chips soaked in Jack Daniels. There was some oak in the aroma, really good head stand with lace. Fairly clear dark brown color. The body was really on the thin side, needed a body boost for sure. Great balance of “bourbon barrel” and dark malts in the flavor. Really clean finish and well brewed.


Yeast Experiment: Hold the Cone American Session IPA

The onset of Tennessee summer heat has inspired the crew at Rebel Brewer to brew!  Most things inspire us to brew something around here though.  We wanted to create an ale that is not only sessionable, but refreshingly hoppy at the same time. Something that could be best described as an American Session Ale.

2013-05-11 13.07.11
The experimental yeasts

The Setup

For this brew I chose a simple grain bill of pale, Vienna, and honey malt to set the stage for Centennial, Columbus, and Simcoe hops. All three were used in the boil, with Columbus and Simcoe for dry hopping. The only ingredient left to choose was the yeast, and this is where I decided to turn one experiment into two.  The Mangrove Jack series brought us a third variety of West coast/California ale dry yeast.  Having little experience with dry yeast I thought it would be fun to compare US-05, BRY-97, and the Mangrove Jack M44 U.S. West Coast yeasts to each other, using WLP 001 as a control.

2013-05-11 12.01.15
Hitting mash temp
2013-05-11 13.23.11

The Brew

An O.G. of 1.048 allowed for enough room to squeeze a 20 gallon brew into the Top Tier system.  Mashing at 148-150 degrees for 75 minutes produced a lighter body, which seemed appropriate for a summer-time session ale.  After the mash a 15 minute recirculation(vorlauf) of the wort was used to create a filter bed in the mash tun. This step aided in wort clarity and easy collection from the mash tun to the boil kettle.  During the mash water in the HLT was heated to 208 degrees for a mash out infusion and 15 minute rest at 168f.  Following this was a 40 minute sparge/lauter, filling the 30 gallon boiler maker to 26.5 gallons of wort.

2013-05-11 14.03.45
The brew stand in all its glory
2013-05-11 14.00.39
Filling the boil kettle through the hop spider
2013-05-11 14.38.23
Skimming protein from the boil kettle

The Boil

After collection was complete we quickly got the kettle up to boil.  A standard 60 minute boil with no bittering addition was used in order to keep IBUs around 40.  Heavy late addition hopping would emphasize flavor and aroma characteristics while keeping bitterness low. Centennial was used in both the 30 and 15 minute hop additions. Our 5 minute addition consisted of Columbus and Simcoe at equal proportions.  To end the boil all three hop varieties were used in order to give a final blast of aroma.

2013-05-11 15.26.25
First hop addition
2013-05-11 15.41.27
Second Hop Addition

Allowing the final hop addition to steep for a few minutes we then removed them from the kettle and began to whirlpool. During whirlpool our chilling equipment was set up for knockout to the 6 gallon carboys.  A copper coil immersion chiller was used to pre-chill  groundwater flowing into our “chillhog 4000” plate chiller.

2013-05-11 16.05.43
Chilling Set up
2013-05-11 16.22.41
Recirculating through chiller to lower full volumes temp

Recirculating wort through the plate chiller back into the kettle lowers wort temperature.  Using this step helps increase the rate of flow during knockout to the carboys, allowing a siphon sprayer to vigorously aerate the wort prior to pitching yeast.  The four carboys were filled once the thermocouple read a steady 64 degree wort flow out of the  plate chiller.

2013-05-11 16.38.51
Below you can see cold break material rapidly dropping to the bottom of each carboy.
2013-05-11 16.42.14
Filling multiple carboys to keep the experimental controls
2013-05-11 16.47.43
Blanket of aeration
2013-05-11 16.52.41
Pitching dry yeast without rehydration
2013-05-11 16.53.49
More Pitching
2013-05-11 16.54.23
Even More pitching


All carboys were properly cleaned, sanitized, and labeled prior to pitching the yeasts.  We set the dual function temperature controller to 66 degrees F in the fermentation cooler to start.  Once the yeast was pitched, fermentation would be tracked every 6-12 hours.

2013-05-11 16.55.03
Pitching liquid with no starter
2013-05-11 17.06.45
Initial temperature of fermentation


2013-05-11 18.27.10
Beers to the victors!
2013-05-11 18.27.02
After cleaning the brew house some celebratory nitro Brown Porter was in order.

The Fermentation

2013-05-11 21.54.46
Four hours after pitching. The US-05 is taking the lead on visual activity



2013-05-12 10.37.06
Sixteen hours in
2013-05-12 10.37.13
Sixteen hours in US 05

Sixteen hours in

2013-05-12 10.37.26
Sixteen hours in WLP001
2013-05-12 10.37.34
Sixteen hours in Mangrove US West Coast
2013-05-12 10.37.49
Sixteen hours in Bry97.


2013-05-12 19.33.00
24 hours in

Twenty four hours after pitch there were clear differences in how each yeast was performing.  The US-05 was the first to kick off a full krausen.  WLP001 and Mangrove Jack M44 were close behind, while BRY-97 was still in the lag phase.


2013-05-13 09.08.26
Thirty six hours in

Thirty Six hours into fermentation.  At this point BRY-97 has developed a krausen and all four yeast strains are very active.

Two days into fermentation…

2013-05-13 18.00.12
48 hours in
2013-05-13 18.01.47
48 hours in US05
2013-05-13 18.02.08
48 hours in US West Coast
2013-05-13 18.02.37
48 hours in WLP001
2013-05-13 18.02.59
48 hours in Bry 97


Sixty hours after pitch…

2013-05-14 09.08.19    2013-05-14 09.08.38


Three days into fermentation temperature was raised by a degree. US-05 and WLP001 seem to slow down a bit while M44 and BRY-97 are still going strong.

2013-05-14 17.49.20
Ramping the temperature up
2013-05-14 17.52.11
72 hours
2013-05-14 17.52.34
72 hours
2013-05-14 17.53.19
72 hours
2013-05-14 17.53.40
72 hours


Four days into fermentation and M44 seemed to catch up with US-05. Temperature was also raised a degree, to 68 F.

2013-05-15 09.13.05
96 hours in
2013-05-15 09.13.12
96 hours in

2013-05-15 09.13.18

2013-05-15 09.13.30
96 hours in
2013-05-15 09.13.36
96 hours in

Five days in to fermentation. Flocculation of the US-05 is most apparent at this time, followed by M44 and WLP001. BRY-97 was still fairly active.

2013-05-16 19.16.04
120 hours in

Time to dry hop!  Each car boy got 1/2 oz Columbus and Simcoe. Dry hops were allowed to mingle with the young beer for 5 days before crashing the cooler from 68 to 32 F.

2013-05-16 19.23.52
Dry hopping
2013-05-16 19.24.03
Dry hopping look at all that green!

To avoid downward suction created by dropping the cooler to 32 F, I replace three piece airlocks with waterless silicone airlocks.  This keeps any fluid in a standard airlock out of the beer. Cold conditioning  lasted for another 5 days, allowing suspended material to fall to the bottom of the carboys.

2013-05-22 18.00.16
2013-05-22 18.00.46
Silicone airlocks for crashing


2013-05-22 18.01.09

After this period of cold conditioning all that was left to do was rack the beer off the yeast, into sanitized and CO2 purged 5 gallon ball lock kegs. Below you can see a liquid-to-liquid line set up which allows sanitizer to jump from one liquid dip tube to the next.  CO2 pushes the solution from one keg to the next, meanwhile purging any oxygen out by opening the pressure relief valve on the keg lid.

2013-05-28 18.30.07
Fin! Waiting to be racked
2013-05-28 19.01.49
Prepping the kegs to receive the bounty



2013-05-28 19.56.39
Here you can see the auto siphon in action.
2013-05-28 19.46.39
Racking into keg


Once all four kegs were filled any oxygen that may have been present was purged out with CO2.  Now the carbonation process was ready to begin.  I chose to force carbonate the kegs by placing them on their side and rocking them back and forth.  Hooked up to 25 psi on the gas-in post, each keg was rocked for six minutes.  This seemed to give each keg proper carbonation for the style.

A hydrometer reading was taken from each carboy while racking into the keg.  All four yeast strains attenuated well, with terminal gravities between 1.012-1.013.  Below each reading can be seen.  US-05 finished at 1.013, while Mangrove Jack M44, BRY-97, and WLP001 all fermented down to 1.012.

2013-05-28 19.57.38

2013-05-28 19.26.02 2013-05-28 20.22.06 2013-05-28 19.27.07


The beer was then given an additional few days to keg condition before an informal tasting and evaluation of each yeast.  Simple score sheets were filled out during a blind tasting.  Very subtle differences were found between the four yeasts.  BRY-97 had the most dry taste, taking just a bit too much body out of the finished beer.  A couple tasters also detected slight diacetyl in the BRY-97 sample.  WLP001 tasted very clean but had the least amount of clarity of all four samples.  US-05 had the most clarity of all with a nice light body, but less hop character than the Mangrove M44.  The new M44 U.S. West Coast yeast came out the most balanced between body, hop, and yeast character.  Although, when tasted blind M44 did not get the highest score with every taster. As a whole, the Rebel Brewer crew enjoyed the Mangrove Jack M44 above the other three yeasts.


2013-06-07 17.29.26
Blind taste test, one of the many perks of working at Rebel
2013-06-18 10.40.27
Secret score sheet

2013-06-07 17.31.23 2013-06-18 10.37.41

In fact, we enjoyed it so much that we decided to make a kit out of this recipe, using M44 U.S. West Coast as the dry yeast option.  This easy drinking session ale is the perfect brew for any hop head looking for something refreshing during the summer months.  We hope you have fun brewing and drinking this new creation! Check it out here.


Here are the final stats which we will also be using in the kits

Extract 5 Gallon Batch

1.048 OG

40 IBUs

5.0 SRM

4.6% ABV


All Grain 5 Gallon Batch

1.049 OG


5.5 SRM

5.2% ABV


Hold the Cone Session IPA


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