ALC Acid Line Cleaner


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ALC Acid Line Cleaner

Your best defense against alkali resistant calcium oxalate (beer stone) build up in beer lines, parts and fittings.
Formulated to protect faucets and fittings. Clean with BLC or DAC first, rinse well with clean water, then apply ALC for best results.

It’s a concentrate, so you only need to use 1-4 oz per gallon of water for routine cleaning. Heavy build up may require up to 6 oz per gallon.
15 minutes of contact time and rinse completely with clean water. Great for beer line, faucets, valves etc.

Contains: Hydrochloric Acid
Caution: Acid solutions can discolor and pit stainless steel and brass, make sure and rinse with clean water after use.
Health warning: Can cause serious burns. Protect eyes, skin and mucous membranes from contact. Harmful if swallowed
Make sure all parts are rinsed well, product not safe to ingest.

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