Southern Cross Hops (NZ) – 1oz. Pellet


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Usage: Bittering but has unique flavor and aroma profile
Description: Low Cohumulone for soft bittering properties. The aroma is a blend of Lemon Peel and Pine needles with a soft underlying spiciness that makes this a “Hop with many talents.” Subtle and soft resinous bittering will hold its own against any Noble hop as a first addition, but the delicate balance of citrus and spice make it an excellent finishing hop as well.

Typical Beer Styles: Versatile hop is just as comfortable in mainstream Lagers as it is in Craft brews of just about any style.

Although these hops are not yet “Certified” organic, they are pesticide and spray free.

Current AA%  14.1

Typical Alpha Acid: 11 – 14%
Country of Origin: New Zealand

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