If you are new to brewing, let me be the first to tell you IT IS EASY. If you can boil water, you are already half way to your first batch. I recommend starting with our Basic Equipment Kit and a good brewing manual like those listed below. You will also need an 8 to 10qt (or larger) stock pot, which will here-to-for now be called your brew pot. If you don’t have one that big, check with a restaurant supply store, you are looking for Stainless or Aluminum is OK, too. But if you are going to get a pot for brewing, go ahead and get a 20qt or bigger, you will need it, trust me. Start saving your bottles….brown pop-top type beer bottles, not screw tops. You will also need some ingredients, we offer a wide variety of ingredient kits that should suit most tastes and they are a great place to start.   Homebrewing is more than just a great hobby, it is a journey of endless discovery and pride. If you have made it this far, it sounds like you are ready to take the first step.