Economy Refractometer

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Our economy refractometer is an affordable way to take quick instant gravity readings.
0-32% Brix scale will read from 1.000 to 1.139 SG*
It comes with  an eye dropper for taking samples, a screwdriver for calibration and instructions.
It is Automatic Temperature Compensating, so it will adjust automatically to the ambient temperature.


*The formula for converting Brix to Specific Gravity is:
SG = 1.000898 + 0.003859118*Brix + 0.00001370735*Brix*Brix + 0.00000003742517*Brix*Brix*Brix
If you don’t wish to remember the formula, just remember “times 4.1″
For most beer ranges:  Brix * 4.1 = Specific Gravity (well it’s close enough for government work, anyway)

Or use our handy online calculator.

Note: Once calibrated with distilled water, the refractometer is accurate for taking your Original Gravity readings. Once fermentation has started, the alcohol created throws off the reflectivity in a measurable way. We have a handy calculator for convering your final gravity reading. Click here for calculator.

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