Our Mission

Rebel Brewer is on a mission to do our little part to improve the overall quality of home brewed beverages all across the country, by providing fresh ingredients, the right ingredients, the right tools and through brewing education. By bringing brewers and brew clubs together and encouraging involvement in clubs and in competitions. And to extend our reach not only to existing brewers, but also to brewers that don’t know that they are yet. We also stand ready to face the challenge of improving the reputation that Homebrew has with the uninitiated. A reputation that has been sullied over the years by unfair advertising by the Major Breweries, and by the sub-standard beers that have been made (and thrown out), by those “just add water” department store type kits. We ask you to join us in our quest to make Homebrew more of a norm than an exception.

Meet the team


Founder, Visionary

Tom started brewing in 1994 by making a batch of Irish Stout. Later that year opened his first homebrew supply shop in El Paso, Texas. He joined the local homebrew club and before too long was “volunteered” to publish the newsletter and eventually forced into the presidency. In 1997-1998 he was assistant brewer at Jaxon’s Brewpub in El Paso. In 1998 he became a BJCP beer judge and still travels around the country to regional competitions to “help out.” Tom taught weekly basic brewing classes from 1995 to 2003 and has enlightened thousands over the years to the joys and wonders of homebrewing. In 2003 he moved his family to Middle Tennessee, and upon arrival joined up with the Music City Brewers homebrew club, where he was quickly “volunteered” to become the judge coordinator for the annual Music City Brew Off. Tom currently rides an ’02 Kawasaki Vulcan Classic which will seat one keg comfortably.



Keeper of the Faith, Defender of the Realm

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