New Kegs and March Pumps $20 off

March Pumps $20 off

The Best way to fight gravity!

Make all grain brewing much easier with this pump.  For only $134.95 you won’t have to worry about the brew table collapsing, or that particular stair that your brewpot has to be on to not clog the wort chiller. This pump moves wort fast, so be prepared for the easiest brew days of your life. Sale ends Next Tuesday so act fast, and we want to spread the wealth so we have a limit of 2 per customer whiles supplies last. Just enter the code “march” in the shopping cart to redeem.
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New Kegs $20 off

Bottling is for the Belgians

What’s better than a shiny new keg. We have them available in the regular 5 gallon, 3 gallon, and 2.5 gallon sizes.  The 2.5 and 3 gallon sizes are great for small gatherings where 5 gallons of beer  would just be crazy. Just enter the code “rbkeg” in the shopping cart to redeem. Again there is a limit of 2 per customer and the sale ends Tuesday if the supplies last that long.


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Now Introducing Mangrove Jack’s

Dry Yeast isn’t so dry anymore?

With strains like West Coast AleBurton Union, and our favorite WORKHORSE there is bound to be something close to your style without the pesky need for a starter.

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Custom BrewRite

Great Pots for a Great deal

Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel BrewRite™ Brew Pots. Feature a 1/4″ thick tri-clad bonded bottom with an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel for even heat distribution  eliminating hot spots and helps to prevent scorching of malt. Easy clean-up. Thick, padded bottom makes these kettles induction, gas, electric, and ceramic ready. We are now offering customization options of valves and thermometers which are fabricated here in our shop in Nashville, TN.

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