Thirsty Thursday 6/27/13

Thirsty 6/27/13



Thirsty 6/27/13

1. Sly Fox Helles – Cool Can, the whole top pops out for drinking like a glass. Pils malt sweetness, really clean finish. Good summer-y poolside quaff.

2. Karen’s Milk Stout (homebrew) – Karen is one of our pro brewer buddies who still takes the time to brew at home. None of her beers ever fail to deliver. This one is the perfect balance of sweet and roast. Very clean finish.

3. Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break – Even the foam was dark brown!! This coffee (and almond) Imperial Stout is everything you would hope it would be. A true thick chewy sipper. The booze is well hidden and only evident on your numb face after a few sips. As it warms, the nutty-ness starts to come through. This outstanding effort from Evil Twin can best be described as “what should be in the barrel around a St. Bernard’s neck as he saves a stranded snow boarder”

4. Oskar Blues G’knight Imperial Red Ale – Big hop and caramel aroma. Huge hop flavor dominates the taste profile. Very light body with a smooth bitterness that lingers into the dry refreshing finish.

5. Jack Porter (homebrew) – One of our customers brought this in for analysis. It’s a porter with oak chips soaked in Jack Daniels. There was some oak in the aroma, really good head stand with lace. Fairly clear dark brown color. The body was really on the thin side, needed a body boost for sure. Great balance of “bourbon barrel” and dark malts in the flavor. Really clean finish and well brewed.


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