Thirsty Thursday 8/1/13

Thirsty Thursday 8-1-13

Thirsty Thursday 8-1-13


In honor of National IPA day we set forth to taste a few hard to find offerings

1. Evil Twin – Falco IPA  –  Good Solid IPA, Fruity and Bitter (in a good way). Easy drinking and set a good stage for a good session.

2.  Dogfish Head – Hellhound (Ale Brewed with Lemons)  –  to set the mood we played “Hellhound on my Trail” by Robert Johnson while sampling. Although it is labeled as an ale brewed with lemons, it was more of a substantial monster pale ale (clocking in at 10%abv) with medium body, good balance of malt sweetness to hops, and only the faintest hint of lemon. A formidable sipper from DFH for sure.

3. Uinta Brewing (UTAH) – Cahoots Double Rye IPA  –  The spicy rye and hop aroma leaps out of the glass and smacks ones face in a way that makes you want to dive right in. But it’s only a prelude to the joyous flavors that follow. Heavy on caramel, but balanced with rye spice and the perfect blend of hop fortitude, and at 9.4%abv, certainly a face numbing experience.

4. Founder’s – All Day IPA  –  and for some reason we finished with a session IPA. But after the lupulin ass-whoopin’ our pallets took from the previous offerings, I tell you what, we were able to taste every ingredient in this wonderful refresher. What is normally a wonderful low (-er) alcohol hop lover’s dream, turns out to have a wonderful grainy malty backbone, every sip a pleasure, and it would certainly be a welcomed ice chest full pool-side on a hot summer day.

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