Warehouse Closing FAQ


Q: WHAT???

A: After a little over 8 years at our current location, we have now closed it down, We are moving to a new location, our webstore is still up and running during the move.

Q: WHY??

A: We are joining forces with an industry leader to better serve you.


A: Happening now.

Q: Are you going out of business?

A: Nope, just moving our shipping warehouse and retail location, RebelBrewer.com will remain open for sales of all larger equipment (Blichmann, Grainfather, Still Spirits, Grainmills and more will be added during the move) We will stay on the job finding and testing the latest and greatest equipment and the best deals we can get for you. We will also be adding added focus to our T-shirt printing and Embroidery business bringing quality affordable garment decoration to our brewing brothers and sisters (CLICK HERE for more on that)