Find a Cooler and put it all together
  You are going to need a beverage cooler or ice-chest. We recommend a 40qt (10 gallon) round beverage cooler.
 This is a great size for mashing a 5 gallon batch. It can also handle a 10 gallon batch, but you will be limited to about a 1.080 starting gravity. You will need to remove the little thumb dispenser/drain plug. Insert the coupling with 1 or 2 of the washers and the small O-ring through the hole from the inside (Use 1 or 2 of the wahers depending on the width of the cooler wall i.e. for thicker coolers, use only one washer. If you have a really thick walled cooler, like the Coleman X-treme you will need to also purchase the XL bulkhead). Put the large O-ring and lock nut on from the outside and tighten by turning the coupling. When you get the coupling as tight as you can, you can torque down on the lock nut. Screw the ball valve on and you are good to go. Screw your Bazooka screen into the coupling and you are ready to mash.

Monitoring Mash Temperature
  Easily add a thermometer to the side of your cooler with the Kewler Kitz Thermothingy. It’s as easy as drilling a hole.

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