Rennet is an enzyme used for making the vast majority of cheeses, particularly many of the classic harder cheeses, as it speeds up the coagulation process to former a tighter and stronger curd. As a general rule, liquid rennet is used sparingly, from between 0.2 ml to 0.5ml per litre of milk and the rennet should also be diluted in around 5 times its amount in boiled then cooled water, before it is added to milk. Rennet must be stored in your fridge and always check with each recipe for exact usage volumes.

Lipase is an enzyme made from animal tissue and it is added to milk to give a stronger and distinctive taste and aroma to certain varieties of cheese. Using Lipase as directed ensures proper flavor development through fat hydrolysis, but always refer to your cheese recipe for usage instructions. It must be stored in your freezer.

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