Making homemade soda is fun and easy. We are proud to bring you Gnome soda extract, which are in our opinion the best soda extracts available.

There are two ways to carbonate your soda. The best way is to artificially carbonate with your home brew kegging equipment.

Artificial Carbonation Method for 5 gallons:
Heat .5 gallons drinking water to 130°F or so
Dissolve in 4 to 5 lbs sugar (depending on how sweet you want it, 4 lbs seems to be right for our taste, feel free to figure out the equivalent in artificial sweetener if you want diet soda)
Add 2 to 4 ounces of Gnome Soda Extract (4 is the way to go here, it is richer and more flavorful)
Transfer to a purged 5 gallon homebrew keg
Top up tank with 4.5 gallons of cold drinking water
Pressurize tank to 35 psi and refrigerate for 6 to 8 hours
Test for proper carbonation and add CO2 as needed to achieve proper carbonation level
Serve and enjoy
**As an alternative you can mix up the soda in a bottling bucket and bottle it in 10 two liter soda bottles
    with The Carbonater Cap, and artificially carbonate in the bottles

If you don’t have Kegging Equipment, let not your heart be troubled, you can naturally carbonate your home made soda.
Natural Carbonation Method for 2.5 gallons:
Rehydrate Yeast. Dissolve well-rounded 1/4 tsp. powdered Champagne Yeast in 1/2 cup drinking water at 85°F. Allow yeast to rehydrate for at least 10 minutes. Set aside for later use.
Heat Mixture. In a large stock pot, heat one half gallon to 130°F
Completely dissolve 2.5 lbs (5 cups) cane sugar and add 2oz. (4 TBSP) soda extract.
Cool Mixture. Cool the 1/2 gallon concentrate by placing it in a cold water bath in the sink.
Stir occasionally until mixture is 95°F or less.
Add yeast and stir well.
Top up mixture to 2.5 gallons with cool drinking water.
Use a sanitized 1 qt. microwavable glass measuring cup and a food grade funnel to fill
5 sanitized 2-liter bottles to 2 inches below the bottle neck.
Place bottles on their side at room temperature for 2 days until bottles are extremely firm.
Chill bottles in the freezer for 2 to 3 hours. This will bring the yest to dormancy and quickly slow their activity.
Move bottles to the fridge and store upright.
Serve and Enjoy!!

That’s it. We hope you encouraged to try homemade sodas yourself. It’s fun for the whole family.

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